London II



So much walking went down on Friday. We walked from Kennsington –> Knightsbridge –> Buckingham Palace –> Westminster –> Covent Garden –> British Museum –> Finally back down to the London eye to take a little ride. Rest assured we took the tube back to the hotel.

Started the day off at Muriel’s Kitchen in South Kensington where I got a croissant with sun-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella. Please note this is a very food oriented trip but I am sure you may have caught on. After breakfast we headed towards Buckingham Palace. Much to our surprise, it wasn’t very busy in that area. This is a great reason to visit in the winter when not many tourists go visit. The palace was nice but there wasn’t much to see. I think it’s best if you go for the changing of the guards otherwise I’d say you can skip the palace.



St. James Park


Horse Guards


Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden


Coffee Break!


London Eye This ride was a lovely graduation present I got from one of my family members. He said the best time to go on the London Eye was at night, he was absolutely correct. The view from up top was breath taking. I highly recommend this ride at night.londoneye1



At this point of our trip I had a full blown cold. I was determined to not let this stop me as we only had a few days left. It also didn’t help that it was a typical British day, overcast and drizzling. Even though I was sick it was time for some shopping on Oxford street. Our first stop was breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. Surprise! I got a warm croissant with Wiltshire ham and gruyère cheese. I also got a delicious steeper with lemon, ginger, and fresh mint. It was so soothing to my very irritated throat. I loved the steeper so much I’ve been making it at home. Tony ordered a Belgian waffle with fresh berries and a dark chocolate sauce with a macchiato coffee. I stared longingly at his waffle, it was just so good.

Oxford street I actually didn’t take that many pictures here. There were a lot of hustle and bustle so I didn’t want to be that tourists who stops in the middle of everyone’s path to take 50 pictures. This is definitely the place to go if you want to shop due to it having many stores at different price points. If you are on a budget, like we were, you can definelty skip the shopping since London is very pricey. If you do want to shop it’s best to buy from British brands since they are more expensive here in the U.S.


Busy Oxford St

Camden Market was a complete fail. We walked there from the British Museum and at this point we were both quite hungry. On top of that my dayquil was wearing off so you can say we both got a little agitated with the wave of people that hit us. You could barely make your way down the sidewalk it was so busy. We decided to just hop on the tube and head back to our hotel. Tony wanted some fish and chips so we ended up at Bayswater Arms pub right next to the underground station. The best part was that the actual building has been around for 100 years. There is just so much history in this city.


I honestly don’t know how I came up with all these places to eat but Fleet River Bakery has by far some of the best eggs I have ever had. They were light fluffy perfection. One thing I will admit is that I am not fond of British bacon…it’s basically ham. Sorry guys, streaky bacon definitely wins.

DSC_0168 (2)


Fleet River Bakery

From here we were ready to start our walk around the Southbank. We got off at Tower Hill so we could  start by the Tower of London. It hadn’t really crossed our minds to actually go into the Tower, not sure why. Oh well, next time then! The whole trip I really wanted to go check out the Borough market being that I heard it had great food. Of course I failed to realize the fact that they are closed on Sunday’s. With a heavy heart onward we marched. After wandering more along the bank we got caught in a tourist trap. We ended up going into the Clink Prison (London’s oldest prison). I’d say you can skip this little tourist trap. For dinner we wanted to do as the Londoner’s do which is the traditional Sunday roast.It comprises of your choice of meat, gravy, vegetables, roasty potatoes, and yorkshire pudding. Roast, which was located in the Borough Market had great reviews online so we made it our destination. It was definitely a splurge for us but we said “Well why not?” After an excellent 3 course meal we were left wondering why people back home kept telling us the food in England terrible. Don’t know where they were eating since we were continuously served delicious food.





Tower Bridge




The Shard


Upon Tony’s request we actually went back to Grangers & Co for our last breakfast in London. He couldn’t leave without getting those ever so fluffy ricotta hotcakes. It was a bittersweet day. I can say that we were both very happy we were able to go on this trip. After breakfast we walked back to the hotel, made sure we had everything, then we were off to catch the tube so we could make it on time to the train. Customs/security was a breeze at Gatwick which left us with time to kill. We decided to find a place to grab some lunch before our lengthy flight. Low and behold, much to Tony’s delight, we found a Nando’s. One final goodbye to our lovely trip that left is with such fond memories. I am sure we will see you again London.


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